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The Dr. Oetker brand

Over generations, for the consumer, the Dr. Oetker brand has been a sign of outstanding taste, the highest quality and a guarantee of perfect results every time – re-enforcing consumer choice. The brand always meets consumer expectations and prides itself in meeting ever changing consumer needs with new and innovative products.

The Dr. Oetker brand has kept its promises:

Independent and representative surveys have repeatedly shown that Dr. Oetker enjoys a reputation as one of the most trusted food brands internationally.


Outstanding taste

The trademark signifies that products are made
exclusively from high-quality raw materials and are comprehensively tested by consumers before
reaching the market. This makes every product a
special delight.

Highest product quality and safety

The high-grade Dr. Oetker products provide not only a
very special taste experience, but also an extremely
high standard of quality and safety.
Sourced exclusively from specially tested suppliers,
the raw materials have to meet precise specifications
and undergo stringent quality controls before they
can be used at Dr. Oetker.




Preparation guaranteed to succeed

Dr. Oetker products and recipes can be prepared
without any previous knowledge of cooking or
baking. For more than 100 years, the Dr. Oetker test
kitchen has guaranteed that the products are certain
to succeed and taste good.
It is here that products are tested under normal
household conditions, the instructions for their
preparation written and our recipes developed.


Dr. Oetker constantly changes with consumer needs
by developing new products. With constant
investment in research and development, Dr. Oetker
is able to offer up-to-the-minute products.