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Oetker Group

Under the overall management of Dr. Oetker GmbH, the companies in the branded food business, as well as several businesses operating in the bulk consumer sector form the Food Division of the Oetker Group.
The Oetker Group, whose holding company is Dr. August Oetker KG, comprises more than 400 companies in a diverse range of industries. With turnover of roughly 9.5 billion euros and more than 25,000 employees worldwide, the Oetker Group ranks among the major German family enterprises.

Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The Beer and Non-Alcoholic Beverages Division is
steered by the Radeberger Group and embraces
numerous brands. Radeberger, Germany’s first beer to
be brewed in the Pilsener style, ranks, like Jever, among
the major national premium beers in the country. Beer specialities, such as Clausthaler and Schöfferhofer
Weizen, as well as regional beers, round off the national brands of the Radeberger Group. A further product is Selters, one of the best-known mineral water brands, whose name is an established generic term.

Sparkling Wine, Wine and Spirits

In the Sparkling Wine, Wine and Spirits Division, the controlling company is Henkell & Söhnlein
Sektkellereien KG, whose brands are present in all segments of the sparkling wine market. The premium range is occupied by the brands Fürst von
                                                     Metternich, Adam Henkell and Deinhard Lila. In the                                                                     traditional segment, Henkell Trocken plays a leading role; the mid-priced segment includes, among others, Söhnlein Brillant; the consumer range is represented by Rüttgers Club. Furthermore, there are the regional brands, and an array of different sparkling wine specialities. Johannisberger Weingüterverwaltung has its headquarters on the world’s oldest Riesling estate, the famed Schloss Johannisberg, where the late vintage was discovered in 1775. With Wodka Gorbatschow, the company is the vodka market leader in Germany.


The Shipping Division constitutes the largest line of business in the Oetker Group and is managed by the
time-honoured shipping group Hamburg Süd. With
169 container vessels, 40 of which are owned, the shipping group occupies top place among the private shipping companies in Germany. The focus of the
shipping business is on the liner services between
Europe, the USA, Australia and the coasts of South America. A further activity is tramp shipping, in which the routes and departure times are dictated by the trends in commodity flows. As a modern logistics enterprise, Hamburg Süd organises freight transport along the entire transportation pipeline.


Operating in the Banking Division is Bankhaus
Lampe, which ranks among the leading and few independent, owner-run private banks in Germany.
The Bank focuses on providing comprehensive
                                                     financial services to medium-sized corporate
customers, institutional investors and discerning private clients.

Other Interests

The division Other Interests brings together Oetker
Group companies which operate in very diverse fields.
It includes, among other things, a chemical plant and a number of top-ranking hotels. The Group’s publishing
arm, Dr. Oetker Verlag, belongs to this division.