Quality Policy in Practice

Our slogan "Quality is the best recipe" testifies to the high quality of our branded food products. It reminds each and every one of our employees of the commitment to put this claim into effect in all areas of the business - day in, day out. This dedication to quality has been one of the decisive factors in the success of our company ever since its point formation

It is a basic requirement for the success of the Dr. Oetker brand to view the high quality and safety standards of our products as a matter of course, to be thoroughly familiar with the potential risks involved in the production, transportation and preparation of food, to minimize these risks and take account of environmental compatibility.

The Dr. Oetker brand and our branded goods enjoy a very high degree of trust among consumers and business partners. To ensure that we always live up to the priceless trust placed in the superlative quality and reliability of our international products and services, our quality policy is precisely defined in quality targets throughout our organisation.