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Our Top 7 Tips for perfect Mug Cakes every time

Our Top 7 Tips for perfect Mug Cakes every time

Moist, fluffy and delicious- that’s how the perfect cake should be! With Dr. Oetker Mug Cake you can achieve that in under 2 minutes. Follow our Tips and Tricks for the perfect Mug Cake and an easy 1- minute microwave treat can be turned into a delicious cake that will wow family, friends and give your colleagues at work 3pm snack envy.


The Mug Makes the Difference

Get the right mug!

What could be more crucial in creating the perfect Mug Cake, than the perfect mug?! You want a medium sized, microwave safe mug (about 300mL) and preferably with a handle-your mug will get very hot in the microwave…


Follow the order

Follow the order “milk-(banana)-powder- stir” and stir thoroughly!

To make sure you get a flavourful and well baked Mug Cake the powder must be dissolved completely. To ensure this, vigorous stirring is essential!


The Magic of Milk

Use the right amount of milk.

Yeah we know, measuring properly means another spoon needs cleaning afterwards, but who can accurately measure 60mL (or 20mL) of milk without a measuring spoon or similar?! Well we can’t, but the right amount of milk is crucial. Otherwise you might end up with a rock-hard inedible lump of dough or a soggy, soupy something in your mug.


The perfect Banana

Get the perfect banana! Yellow with a few brownish spots is perfect and will get you the best flavour and consistency combination! Leave the green ones in your fruit basket and avoid the brown ones- they will make your mug cake too mushy.


Get to know your Microwave I

Place the mug in the right spot in the microwave! This might need a few attempts until you have figured out the right spot in your microwave, but it’s best to not place the mug right in the middle of the turning plate, but more to one side. Not placing it right in the middle will make it move inside the microwave a little bit more and therefore ensures a more even baking result.


Get to know your Microwave II

Know how much power your microwave has: 1000- watt are ideal, a 1200-watt machine only requires 80% power and an 800-watt microwave might need a little bit longer. Figuring out how much power and how long your perfect Mug Cake needs, might need a few tries- but the more often you try, the more cake you can eat and the better your Mug Cake will be.


Hot, hot, hot...

Let it cool!

Yes, warm Banana Bread and warm Chocolate cake is delicious, but a burned tongue is no fun!

Wait, be patient, we know that’s tough, but just a little. Put the milk back into the fridge, wrap up the left over banana, pour yourself a cuppa coffee, grab a clean spoon and now it’s time to enjoy your Mug Cake! If you still can’t wait, grab the tub of ice cream…